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Water Mill-multiple use(2002)Phase I & II

The technology initially replaced wooden turbine with mild steel one. The shaft of turbine is attached with pulley which can run different agro- processing machines. In order to get appropriate RPM correct pulley arrangements are done to get desired RPM. The ultimate pulley with desired RPM is attached to generator to get electricity. The wheel and belt arrangements run all agro- processing devices. HESCO turbine is in two parts and portable. It can be opened to carry it in far flung areas. The turbine is also specific as it has its weight more on blades than drum to offer right thrust. There are four major types of turbines which were developed by HESCO. They vary with discharge and head. For high head and low discharge cup runner is used. All these runners are locally repaired and serviced. The runners are made of mild steel to avoid rusting. All the agro processing devices are run with flat and V- belt is used for power generation to avoid losses. In order to generate electricity an accelerator is also coupled to generate right rpm.

Developed By: Himalayan Environmental Studies And Conservation Organisation (HESCO)

Current Status:

Disseminated in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and North-East States. Government provide subsidy.

Concerned Person: M. M. Negi / Vinod Khati

Contact Details:

7895903538 / 9412023010


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