Technology » The TARA EcoKiln Package(2010-11)Phase I (Housing)

The TARA EcoKiln Package(2010-11)Phase I

Problem addressed With the production of approximately 200 billion bricks every yearthe Indian brick industry is an informal rural industry using traditional production methods which are resource inefficient and highly polluting, along with serious social implications such as unsanitary and hazardous working conditions and exploitation. Description of package The TARA Fly Ash Technology package provides a turnkey solution to profitable clay brick making which include; o Soil & fuel selection, testing and process engineering. o Kiln design and operational recommendation services o EcoKiln estimate services o Construction supervision and training o Supply of semi-mechanized soft mud molding machine, green brick making supervision and training o Equipment selection, supply, installation and training o Firing initiation, commissioning and troubleshooting services

Developed By: Development Alternatives - Technology and Action for Rural Advancement

Current Status:

The technology has been fully developed and is available for commercial dissemination. The EcoKiln technology has been transferred to technology provider in North India for commercial dissemination.

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  • World’s most energy efficient brick firing technology.
  • Materials engineering for waste utilization.
  • Selective mechanization in green brick molding and operations.
  • Operate for 365 days at varied scale.
  • World’s first brick technology to qualify for CDM.
  • Reduced environmental emissions by 80%.



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