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ICT-based Technology Service Centre. ICT-based Technology Service Centre. - Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology

VIB is organizing training for the rural entrepreneurs on the relevant technological skills and helping them to establish technology service centre at their locations catering services  (technological as well as financial) to the farmers / people.<

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Reality Learning Engine(RLE)(2010-2011) Reality Learning Engine(RLE)(2010-2011) - Vigyan Ashram

DST Core support , Funded through loan of R.20lacs from CAPART , now self funded Vigyan Ashram has developed a multimedia authoring tool RLE (Reality Learning Engine) by using which, even a school teacher with little knowledge of Computer will able to make his own multimedia lesson.

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Aqua ( almost all question answered )(2009-2010) Aqua ( almost all question answered )(2009-2010) - Vigyan Ashram

The aAQUA eAgriService is a problem-solving system dedicated to find solutions to problems posed by Indian farmers - small and large. Answers to your agri-related queries are sent in 24 to 72 hours depending on the difficulty. Experts are employees of their respective organizations and serve with

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