This is website for sharing information about appropriate technologies for rural application developed by core supported organizations. These groups are S & T based voluntary organizations across the country supported by Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development (SEED) Division, Department of Science and Technology (DST) (www.scienceandsociety-dst.org) to work on innovative and scalable technological solutions for rural transformation. It is a platform for people and grassroots agencies to interact with core supported technology organizations working on emerging challenges/problems of rural and difficult areas. We welcome visitors to contact us for any specific information, suggestions, feedback and inputs for societal benefits.


Technological Advancement for Rural Areas 
This scheme under SEED programmes is essentially to provide long term core support to Science based Voluntary Organizations/field institutions to promote and nurture them as “S&T Incubators” / “Active Field Laboratories” in rural and other disadvantaged areas to work and provide technological solutions and effective delivery of technologies for livelihood generation & societal benefits. Read More »

Innovations for social enterprises

As social entrepreneurs, these core support groups’ acts as the change makers for addressing society’s most pressing problems through appropriate technological interventions, seizing opportunities to improve technology delivery systems, invent new approaches for technology adoption at the users’ level, and provide innovative and affordable technological solutions with strong social engineering component for societal benefits. Improved Watermill by HESCO for lighting and multiple usage in non-grid mountain areas, Energy Efficient Cooking Device by TIDE, Bangalore with benefit of reduced carbon footprints are some of the innovative technology products and services for improving quality of life and livelihoods of rural and marginal communities. In this process, Core groups build capacities and engage rural youth to innovate and provide such need based services by opening opportunities in the social enterprise domain.