Technology » Artisanal Blacksmithy (2001-2004) (Machinery And Tools)

Artisanal Blacksmithy (2001-2004)

A Technology Package for Blacksmiths was developed in collaboration with National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur comprising improved heat treatment techniques, a drudgery-reducing Mechanical Hammer for light products such as sickles, and a Fuel-efficient Furnace with blower. Studies of raw materials used by Smiths from different parts of India were conducted. A process for backyard steel-making was also evolved for higher-value products. A system design for networked production of Smithy products was also developed based around a Nodal drop-forge but was not field tested.


Developed By: Society for Economic and Social Studies, Centre for Technology and Development

Concerned Person: D. Raghunandan / Dr.Kalpana Arora

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