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Non-Edible Oils (2004-2009)


CTD/SESS has evolved a Technology package for expression of 19 different Non-Edible Oils (NEO) availlable in different parts of the country. While conventional industry uses custom-made machines for each type of Oilseed, CTD has developed an innovative Decorticator capable of handling 15 tree-borne Oilseeds of 4-20mm diameter. Oils expressed using expellers with some local modifications are sold to nearby soap-making and other industrial units. Protocols for harvesting, post-harvest storage of seeds, and oil expression have been standardized. 10 Pilot Units have been set up in different regions.

CTD has set up a Network for processing of Wild Apricot Oil covering 4 Districts of Uttarakhand with Nodal Unit in Sahaspur, Dehradun Dt. Iovations include a Hammer Mill for de-shelling the seed, and protocols for removing the bitter hydro-cyanic acid characteristic of wild apricot kernels. Apricot Oil has excellent properties for body and hair application, and is favoured as a carrier oil for massage and aroma therapy. It is a great daily moisturizer and is particularly good for pregnant women, infants and the elderly. It is sold under the ‘Wild Roots’™ brand name in various cities, along the local ‘Char Dham’ pilgrimage routes as well as sold in bulk. Commercial activities are now handled by ‘Artisans Technologies.’®



Developed By: Society for Economic and Social Studies, Centre for Technology and Development

Concerned Person: D. Raghunandan / Dr.Kalpana Arora

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Centre for Technology & Development

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New Delhi – 110030.

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