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Energy Efficient Rural Jaggery System

An innovative energy-efficient 3-pan Jaggery Furnace and matching Crusher have been developed catering to Jaggery-makers in this largest sugarcane producing area of the country where Jaggery furnaces operate round the clock from roughly October to March. The furnace has completely re-designed internal geometry, different construction and uses strategically placed refractory bricks. CTD’s Furnace delivers 22% saving of the bagasse used as fuel, which is then sold to cardboard manufacturing units in the area. Cost of the Furnace is recovered in one season itself, and Jaggery-makers earn an additional Rs.1 lakh per year. 

Through a separate Project supported by UNDP-GEF Small Grants Programme, 70 such Furnaces have been installed in West UP, with additional innovations such as a 4-Pan System using sugarcane leaves as fuel.


Developed By: Society for Economic and Social Studies, Centre for Technology and Development

Concerned Person: D. Raghunandan / Dr.Kalpana Arora

Contact Details:

Centre for Technology & Development

Khasra No. 275, Westend Marg, Said-ul-Ajaib

New Delhi – 110030.

Phones: 9810098621; 9958200572

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