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 Alcohol-based herbal hand sanitizer (Instant Hand Sanitizer)

The alcohol based herbal hand sanitizer is prepared following the WHO guidelines and utilizing 96% ethanol (833.3 mL/L), 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (41.7 mL/L), 98% glycerol (14.5 mL/L) and alcohol extract of the herb Artemisia nilagirica. The alcohol extract of Artemisia nilagirica renders natural colour and essence in addition to its anti-microbial and anti-allergic properties.

The hand sanitizer was prepared under DST-SEED sponsored Core Support Programme at FEEDS Ethno Medicinal Research Centre.

Developed By: Foundation for Environment and Economic Development Services (FEEDS)

Current Status:

The alcohol-based herbal hand sanitizer has been distributed to more than 1500 families in the hilly areas of Manipur in addition to frontline workers during the pandemic. Moreover, two self-help groups viz., RUTH SHG and SALEM SHG are being trained at laboratory facility of Ethno-Medicinal Research Centre on preparation of these sanitizers.

Concerned Person: Mrs. Kimjaneng Kipgen, Secretary, FEEDS

Contact Details:

9612159583 / 9612929936


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