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MUKTI-the low cost napkin was developed by SRI in late 90’S with support from DST. This prompted many multi-nationals to produce low cost napkins. Over the years lot of change have taken place in material and structure of the pads. Earlier pads were made of surgical cotton with surgical gauge as binder. The absorption coefficient was low and the pads not very comfortable. In order to keep space with these changes, SRI took up the development of second generation pads. These pads were developed using wood pulp having higher absorption characteristic as pad material and non-woven fabric as binder. The change in material called for change in processing technology as well as equipment. The new equipment e.g. De-fibering machine and Pad press were developed for meeting the process requirement. After having standardised the process and equipment, this technology package was taken up for large scale adoption. The package consists of training module on health and hygiene and hands on training on production. SRI has been imparting training to women and adolescent from rural, semi-urban and urban areas. Till date 150 students from different schools have been exposed to this technology. More than 400 rural women from W.B, Odisha and Jharkhand have been trained in health, hygiene and production. In different states 30 production units have been established. This year 24 more units have been planned and over 240 adolescent girls are being trained to manage these units. The production cost of a packet containing 10 pads is less than Rs. 10.00.

Developed By: Society for Rural Industrialization (SRI)

Current Status: More than 1000 women and adolescent have benefited from this technology. Efforts are on to make these pads fully biodegradable.

Concerned Person: Mr. D. Sengupta, CEO

Contact Details: Bariatu, Ranchi – 834009, Jharkhand


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