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Mechanization Of Nepal Loom

Technology Intervention:           

Prior to the DST supported intervention, the Nepal looms were run by foot power of the weavers. This generated lot of drudgery and strain on the part of the weaver. Due to the introduction of motorized drive (0.5 HP/950 rpm single phase motor) all the primary and secondary motions in the loom were automated and hence relieved the weaver from the drudgery of the operations. This technological intervention enhanced the productivity of the loom from 6 meters per 8 hours to 8 meters per 8 hours and facilitated the weaver to earn about Rs.200/- per day from the current wage level of Rs.150/- per day. Similarly design intervention was attempted in the Nepal loom. Earlier only plain weaves (1/1) and its derivatives could be woven. The research has introduced a dobby unit for producing multiple designs that could meet the demands of the customers. Thus, 1/3 Twill or Denim construction was successfully woven and seven wheel auto take up motion was also attached. This has resulted in the production of Denim pant material on par with market branded denims/Jeans. The seven wheel auto take up device resulted in the uniformity of picks/unit length and quality of the fabric has increased considerably.

Technology Dissemination

            The improved methods of weaving and design interventions were disseminated to the stake- holders as below.

·         Eleven weavers of the local area and Khadi Institutions were given orientation on the improved Nepal loom weaving and fed back was obtained. The weavers expressed that they could,

(i)                 Earn higher wages than the previous version (Rs.200 from Rs.150/- per day)

(ii)               Relieved of the drudgery and pain due to continuous pedaling of the loom for 6-8         hours a day.

(iii)             Sense better morale and motivated to take up the job of weaving round the year.


            Similarly, in respect of marketing, the reported that the Jeans / Denim materials have been well received by the customers and the velocity of the market for the Denim/Jean is picking up.  

Developed By: Gandhigram Trust

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